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SA-Recruitment has over 22 years of experience in working with candidates and schools internationally. Traditionally, we have assisted schools in the organizing and rolling out of in-country recruitment campaigns, but as the world has moved into the digital space, these campaigns are now done online where virtual interviews are facilitated and organized.

SA-Recruitment takes the time to get to know the client schools we work with, the level of support they need with their recruitment and what we need to focus on when recruiting both senior management and teaching candidates for them.


We understand that as a school, you want to recruit staff that will settle quickly and easily into the school environment, will work well and grow with your existing team and be a part of your school for the long term. We understand what to look for in a candidate and that it is more than just their qualifications and experience


SA-Recruitment has perfected a support model to ensure that all candidates recruited are supported throughout the recruitment process and are fully prepared prior to their departure to their new schools. This is evidenced by the fact that 80% of all placements made by SA-Recruitment come from personal referrals of candidates already placed by our company.

If you are tired of replacing teachers every year and want more than a transactional relationship with your recruiting partner; contact us – we will tailor-make a recruitment and support package for your school that meets your needs whilst supporting the entire recruitment process along the way 

Interview Prep

We facilitate and organize interviews and ensure that the candidates you wish to interview are prepared, organized and professional.

Advertise Vacancies

We will advertise your vacancies to our large social media following and a database that stretches over 18 yrs and screen all potential candidates.

Senior And Management Roles

Above and beyond classroom teaching roles we recruit for School Directors, Principals, Vice-Principals, Curriculum Co-ordinators etc.

18 years Of Experience

Our team has many years of experience in the recruitment and teaching fields, and we guide and assist applicants from registration through to fly date.

Matching Candidates

Once we have understood what you are looking for, we will only send through candidates that match those requirements.

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