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Police Clearance Certificates

This useful guide will walk you through the process of obtaining this very important document.

Documents and Costs for Teaching in The Middle East

Download this guide to get an overview of all the documents and costs involved in moving to the Middle East.

SAQA Verification Process Document

Are you ready to get SAQA verified? Download this PDF document to make sure you are fully prepared.

Tips to prepare for an Interview

Download this guide to help you prepare for your ucoming interview. 

CV Template

Make your CV has all of the information you need before you apply. Download our C.V Template and keep life simple.

Teachers' Worksheets

Continents Oceans

In this social sciences excersise students work with the continents and the oceans

Mass Word Problems

In this grade 5 math lesson, students will deal with mass word problems.

Write a story to explain the picture - The Frustrated Baker

In this worksheet students must write a story to explain the picture they see.

Animal Classification

In this document for grade 2 learners students are able to classify different animals

Magical Search Water

A comprehension excercise for grade 4 students about a magical water

Teacher's Forum

The teacher's forum is where you can ask the community questions about everything from visas and travelling to advice on school curriculum

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