We assist qualified South African teachers (South African passport and degree) to find positions at private and international schools in the Middle East and China. We especially look for Kindergarten, Foundation phase, Upper Primary classroom and High School subject teachers (Maths, English and Science).


SA-Recruitment does not charge teachers for its services

You send us your CV

We match you to a school

We help organise your documents

Send us your CV via email. We will then evaluate your suitability for our client schools. We will send you relevant info and brochures on what to expect with forms to complete and return to us.

If you are a strong match for our current vacancies & clients, we will contact you to discuss options. We then check and process your paperwork and present you to our client schools for consideration. If your CV is shortlisted and the school requests an interview, we will facilitate the interview and help you prepare for it.  

If your interview is successful, we are sent an offer and contract for you. Once it is signed, we then assist you with the attestment of your qualifications and documents for your visa. Your visa will then be issued, your flight is booked and you will be off to teach in overseas.





SA-Recruitment does not charge teachers for its services


We will explain the exact authentication and attestment process you need to follow when offered a position. We will send you a detailed document explaining the process when doing it yourself or refer you to a reliable company who can assist with the process.


Our experienced consultants will ensure that you are well prepared for your interview. Once an interview has been requested and confirmed, we send you an interview preparation email with details on the school (website, package on offer etc.), plus a detailed document with potential interview questions to work through, in addition we call you for a

prep interview session beforehand.


After a successful interview, you will be sent a job offer. We will go through the offer and contract with you in detail. We will assist with the entire visa process – where applicable – and make sure that you complete all necessary documents and forms. We provide assistance until the day you fly.

DocAssist is a South African-based document procurement service and can assist you whether you are in South Africa or currently live overseas. Together, SA-Recruitment and DocAssist will help you get your documents attested as affordably and as quickly as possible. ​

You can find out more about their services on their website:


 Michelle, UAE 

Teaching abroad is not for the faint hearted. It requires an open mind and a lot of patience. SA-Recruitment professionally and proficiently ensure that you have the smoothest experience from placing you in a position to getting you on your flight. Life in the Middle East is what you make of it. I love the safety and security and the ease of the way of life. I have made lifelong friends and am forging an excellent career at my school. SA-Recruitment have been outstanding and I still maintain an excellent relationship with them.

Tarryn, UAE

Nicole and the SA-Recruitment team were so incredibly helpful - I have, and will continue, to recommend them to anyone who wants to have this sort of adventure. I made this decision quite late for the UAE school year.
I have been here for just over two months and am loving it!

Mbali, China

I have started recommending SA-Recruitment to some people who I have met who would also like to pursue China. I would recommend them because they offer a superior service and make everyone they deal with feel special. 

The application process was very thorough and Irene was holding my hand throughout the process and was able to address any of my concerns.


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SINCE 2004

With hundreds of teachers placed abroad in the Middle East and China.

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