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Writing the Perfect CV

How to write the best CV when applying to teaching jobs abroad.

We receive many CV’s every day and must review each one of them to find suitable candidates for our schools overseas.

We prefer CV’s that are short and to the point and include all the relevant information. Not everyone knows instinctively how to write an appropriate CV so here are some guidelines to use that will help you compile a professional and detailed CV:·        

Your CV must be in a WORD/ PDF document - no scanned/ faxed copies

  • Your CV must be in English.

  • It should have a clear, colour photo of yourself ideally where you are smiling and NOT in your graduation outfit.

  • No spelling/ grammatical errors - please double check this before sending your CV

  • It must have all your personal details (as per template) and contact details.

  • It must show all of your tertiary qualification details - name of the university, years of studies (i.e. 2005 - 2009), name of qualification (i.e. Bachelor of Education), Phase of qualification (i.e. Intermediate phase) and major subjects.

  • It must show all relevant teaching experience - starting with your most recent experience (refer to template) with relevant dates.

  • It is important to list the grades and subjects that you have taught – simply stating “teacher” for example is not sufficient.

  • It must list all additional courses and workshops you may have attended.

  • Please do not include information about being a librarian or prefect at primary/high school.

Click here to download our CV template.

Don't forget to forward your CV to us once you have finished editing it:



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