• Salah Elbaba

The Importance of English

Make a good impression on us and your potential employers.

Schools in China and the Middle East want to hire teachers with exceptional English skills.

The majority of their students speak English as a second language and have been sent to these top schools to learn in English. Teachers are expected to have clear and easily understood pronunciation and impeccable spelling and grammar in the hopes that they will pass on these skills to the students. The bottom line is: your English language ability is a deal breaker or deal maker. Unfortunately, this means that even some of the best teacher we receive applications from, will not be able to teach abroad due to poor spelling or even thick accents.

Our client schools stress the importance of teachers with excellent English and so we keep this in mind when vetting applicants.We take note of all communications we have with potential applicants in order to assess their language skills and subsequent suitability for our clients. We evaluate the language used in emails, CVs and even Facebook messages and comments! This is our first impression of applicants so it is important that when you set out to contact us, to spellcheck your message before you send it.

Thank you for your understanding and remember: fix those autocorrects before you click send!


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