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  • Salah Elbaba

Teaching in the Middle East - have the right qualifications

We are often asked about what qualifies someone to teach in the Middle East.

  • If a teacher is qualified and experienced, why then is this no guarantee of an interview?

  • Are 4 year diplomas accepted?

Let us start out by stating clearly that the restrictions and requirements for the issuing of visa’s to teachers are laid out NOT by us or even our schools, but by the Ministry of Education (similar to our National Department of Education) – they are the ones that grant visa’s, they make the final call.

So here are the requirements

No Diplomas Despite diplomas being accepted in South Africa, no diplomas (4yr or 1yr) are accepted for these work visas; certificates are also not acceptable even as a ‘top-up’ to a degree.

Major and Phase MUST match your experience If you have a teaching degree you MUST have a major or phase that matches the vacancy AND 1-2 years of teaching experience in that same phase e.g. a B. Ed (Foundation phase) with experience teaching Grade 2’s is perfect, but if you have a B. Ed (Foundation Phase) and are currently teaching Grade 5’s you will NOT qualify for a teaching visa

Degrees only To be considered for a teaching position in the Middle East you need to have the following degree combinations:

KG and Foundation phase positions:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) and PGCE (Foundation Phase) or B. Ed (Foundation Phase).

Elementary, Intermediate and Senior phase primary positions:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) and PGCE (Int & Sen phase) or B. Ed (Int & Sen phase)

High School positions:

  • English: Bachelor of Arts (BA) with an English/Linguistics major and PGCE or B. Ed

  • Science: B Sc and PGCE

  • Maths: B Sc/B Comm and PGCE

  • Social Studies: Bachelor of Arts (BA) with Social Studies major and PGCE or B. Ed

Degrees not accepted Certain degrees, although accepted for teaching in South Africa are NOT considered teaching degrees by the Ministry of Education ·        B Tech ·        BA degrees in Marketing ·        BA degrees in Consumer Studies ·        BA degrees in HR

Let us stress again it is not us or our schools that make these requirements, but the Ministry of Education – it frustrates us, as well as our schools, that they are so specific in the type of degree as well as the fact that your experience MUST be the same as your degree phase or major – but these are the requirements they have laid down and according to which we need to work when presenting potential teachers for interview.

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