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Teacher Testimonials Part 1

We love getting feedback from teachers we have placed around the world and last week we received an influx of kind words from teachers and we thought we would share them with you. These are a few of the short ones, the longer ones we will post as individual stories:

"I could not have done it without you guys! From helping me with the interview process with great tips, to giving me excellent advice I didn't even think I needed for my stay in the UAE! Would recommend SA-Recruitment to any teacher wanting to explore their options in the UAE. Thanks!!"

- Michelle Liebenberg

"SA-Recruitment has been the most amazing agency to work with! They have been extremely helpful and efficient. I definitely recommend them to anybody that is interested in working in the UAE. All my questions and requests were dealt with quickly, and I feel I have developed a good relationship with the company.

Living and working in the UAE has been amazing so far. There have been times when things have felt a bit tough. But these are all normal adjustment issues, being away from home. Although living in a new country with a different culture has been a big change, it’s been an incredible experience up to this point. I have not once looked back and regretted my decision to come.

Life in Abu Dhabi is easy and convenient. There is so much to see and do! Beautiful islands and sightseeing. We have yet to have a moment where we feel bored. The locals and other expats that live here have all been very helpful and friendly. I have not once felt unwelcome.

If you are considering coming to the UAE, I definitely suggest you look into in a little deeper. Financially it’s been very beneficial, and the experience is one that you won't get elsewhere!"

- Chantelle Usher

"I can honestly say that SA-Recruitment is, without a doubt, the most professional and committed team I have ever worked with. SA-Recruitment's friendly, helpful staff handled my entire job application from start to finish. I received regular updates and they assisted me with getting all my paper work in order. SA-Recruitment was not only phenomenal before I left South Africa, but they have continued their support and assistance since my arrival in the UAE. I have developed outstanding relationships with the SA-Recruitment team and I would not only recommend them as the only agency to work with but I applaud their outstanding service too.

Thank you SA-recruitment for everything that you have done for me. You have endeavored to help me even through the most challenging of times."

- Michelle Francis

"My experience has had ups and downs but once you get through the fact that change is inevitable and one must be willing to accept change things go pretty smooth. I’m glad I found SA-Recruitment and am incredibly happy with Nicole and Irene. Thanks so much for helping me kick start my life."

-Graeme Worth


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