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With hundreds of teachers placed abroad in the Middle East and China.

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  • Salah Elbaba

Responding to the lack of response

People often ask for feedback as to why they were not successfully accepted or shortlisted for one of our advertised positions.

As a recruitment agency, our job is to send our clients CV's and applications that meet the requirements of the roles they are looking to fill. We review a lot of CV’s on a daily basis; this keeps us very busy so we do not have the time to respond to every individual application as to why they have not been selected.

We are not a career guidance company and would never take money from applicants so as result it not our responsibility to give everyone feedback.

That being said, there are some pointers that we are happy to share:

1) The most important criteria when sending through your CV, is that you demonstrate the ability of communicating in English of the highest standard. To teach overseas, and specifically to teach English. your own English language skills have to be of a high standard.

When we review CV’s and applications and find spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, these applications and CV's will not be shortlisted.

2) Aside from proving the level of your English abilities in your CV, details such as a high-quality image of yourself is also critical as well as ensuring that all of your contact details are listed and are correct so that we are able to contact you to start the screening process.

Everyone that sends through a CV gets an automated response explaining that if you have not heard from us within five working days it means that your application was unsuccessful.