• Salah Elbaba

Patience is a Virtue

You sent us your CV...now what?

So you sent us your CV and we liked the look of it. We asked you to send us the rest of your documents so we can put you forward to our schools, but now you haven't heard back from us?!

Don't fret. This is normal. It is important for you to understand that this process takes some time. After you send us your CV and your documents, we begin putting together your portfolio. Once this is done, we will start sending your portfolio to our schools. The schools takes some time to give us their feedback. So we will not be able to get back to you straight away.

We would like to ask you to be patient during this time. We know you are nervous and excited for adventure and we assure you we will get back to you as soon as we hear back from the schools.

It is also important that you remember that we cannot guarantee you an interview or a job. We will offer you as much support and guidance along the way, but at the end of the day, we are simply a recruitment agency and the final decision is up to our client schools.

We thank you again for choosing our agency and we hope that we can find you your dream teaching position.


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With hundreds of teachers placed abroad in the Middle East and China.

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