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Miss Clarissa's Advice

Great tips for anyone looking to teach in the Middle East.

We are so very proud of Miss Clarissa - she has moved her way up through the school and is doing so well! She provided us with some fabulous advice for teachers wanting to go and teach abroad, especially in the UAE:

Living in the UAE is absolutely what you make of it. If you come here with a positive attitude half of the work is done. If you start with a new school try to make friends, be friendly, greet politely and ask if you do not understand. If you arrive alone and not in a group this is very important. Make sure you bring a few things that will make you feel at home. If you arrive in a group, get peoples telephone numbers cos you need the support structure.

What I have notice so far is that its a diverse country from people from all walks of live. South Africans and Canadians normally just get along instantly.

A few tips:

  1. You first month is tough until you get your first salary. Make sure you have enough money. Don't go and spend everything or you will fall short. Try not to eat out you first month, rather buy ready made meals at super markets or make you own food.

  2. Get a sim card ASAP then at least you can call home and its quite cheap.

  3. When you pack: Pack enough work clothes for 7 days and make sure you also pack clothes that make you feel comfy. Pack toiletries, you don't want to buy it here in your first month. Pack as much as you can. And you do need something warm... the desert can get cold.

  4. At school: Don't try and out shine people... You are new and the system works differently and at this stage you are not here to look better than anyone but to do the job they employed you to do. Don't try to work against the current. There's lots of time for that later once you are settled in and know how everything works.

  5. Don't try and see the whole of the UAE in your first month... there's plenty of time for that and it will give you something to do later on.

  6. Documents: Try to sort out all your documents before you come, it will make your live easier and it takes away a lot of stress. It's very difficult to sort out documents from this side.

  7. Things to pack if you can: Pillowcase, Sheet and a Duvet cover. The inners you can get here. It will help you feel at home.

Nicole and SA-Recruitment thanks a million for all your help again.

I am loving it here.



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