• Salah Elbaba

Kim's Experience in Bahrain

What it's like teaching in Bahrain:

Teacher Kim told us about her experiences in Bahrain so far. It is honest and insightful. We hope this will be useful to anyone looking to teach in Bahrain:

My experience thus far in Bahrain has been just wonderful! It is described as a cosmopolitan city on an island - and I love going to school every morning with a sunrise over the ocean.

I am loving every minute, I enjoy being able to call it my new home. My favourite aspect has to be the cultural diversity.

My school is fantastic! The management, staff, parents and pupils are wonderful, welcoming, supportive and - most importantly - appreciative. I have been at my school for three months and have found all the opportunities and learning experiences endless.

The technology is out of a story book. I love it! It's hard work but worth every minute of every day.

Yes, I would recommend Bahrain to other teachers, it's not a 'normal' Middle Eastern country as it is unique and allows you to create your own experiences.

You need to be open minded; willing to learn; adapt to change to some rules, and be able to create your own experience.

The cost is manageable according to your needs, wants and desires. You must be set on what your financial goals are then saving will indeed be possible!

We are so grateful for Kim's candor and we are always proud when we see our teachers making the most of every opportunity and adventure!


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