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City Spotlight: ABU DHABI

A cheat sheet for people looking to teach in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

The information below is based on information provided to us by one of our favourite client schools in Abu Dhabi - so here it is... Abu Dhabi at a glance:


  • Souk Central Market: this market is for those seeking traditional and cultural items. It offers trinkets, spices and dates of all sorts.

  • Abu Dhabi Mall: this mall is the most popular and the largest; filled to the brim with popular international chains, food and more!

  • Mushrif Mall: this is the small and slightly cheaper mall. The stores found here offer more affordable day-to-day clothes and produce.

Eating at Home:

  • The most popular grocery stores are called Lulu and Co-Op

  • Non-Halaal items (pork, alcohol etc) can be bought at the more upmarket store, Spinney's

Eating Out:

  • $ Byblos: a gorgeous restaurant with an Arabic/Lebanese menu. Affordable and delicious!

  • $$ Fanr: a relaxing lunch/brunch spot that offers a perfect blend of international and regional dishes.

  • $$$ Marco Pierre White: owned by the Michelin star chef of the same name, this fancy steakhouse is ideal for special occasions.

Must See Attractions:

  • Emirates Palace: a 5 star hotel famed for its intricate architecture and being the go-to spot for the rich and famous.

  • Desert Safari: go on a 4x4 trip through the sea of sand, ride camels and get treated to traditional food and dance.

Best Advice?

  • Abu Dhabi Entertainer Book: its pricey but if you and a friend split the cost you will open up a world of discounted food and entertainment opportunities all around Abu Dhabi - seems like a no-brainer!


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