• Salah Elbaba

Don't panic

Many of our teachers are travelling and getting ready to leave to their new schools in the Middle East and China, full of excitement and trepidation about what lies in store for them.

Arriving in a foreign country is daunting. So what do you do, if you are scanning the arrivals hall and don’t see someone with either your name or the name of your school on a board.

Firstly, DON'T PANIC – it sometimes happens that the drivers sent to collect you get tied up in traffic, struggle to find parking etc.

Be ready for this! We always make sure that you have a local number to contact in an emergency so make use of that number.

It is the same when you arrive at your apartment and there are things missing or it is not up to scratch, again DON’T PANIC, with the information and details we send with you, contact your school to make them aware of the situation so that it can get resolved.

All of these situations (should they happen) get resolved; more often than not it all goes smoothly and everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Just remember not to panic.


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