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Advice from the Middle East desk

Great news: all of our September teachers have arrived at their various schools in the Middle East and have started their school year with a bang!

Most have realised that things are very different and perhaps a little tougher than they anticipated in the land of sand.

We’ve been contacted by a few of our teachers with concerns such as having a difficult class and not knowing what to do, or the school having very high expectations and teachers feeling like they can't keep up, teachers receiving their salaries but amounts having been deducted, and little things like they were promised a kettle in their apartment, etc...

As the agency, we are ALWAYS willing to assist. We are more than happy to chat with the school and try to resolve issues and concerns.

We understand that being in a foreign country is overwhelming and you might not know what to do and in a panic state, you contact us.

However, as a professional teacher, we advise that you speak with your employer first. As much as we can step in, you’re employed by the school.

The school is there to offer support and assistance. They appreciate it so much when their employee comes to them first before voicing concerns to their agency.

Simple things to do:

• Go to your HR department • Speak with your principal/ coordinator/ HOD • Ask fellow teachers for advice and support

If after you’ve done these things and you’re still not happy, speak with us. At the end of the day, it’s easier resolving any issues when you’re there.

Good luck, and remember to keep swimming!

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