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Advantages of these locations:

  • Tax-free salaries 

  • Safe locations with low crime rates

  • Efficient, reliable public transport

  • Warm climate

  • Opportunity to immerse in fascinating cultures rich in history

  • Promotional opportunities

  • Lucrative packages

What a typical package would include:

  • 2 year contracts (often renewable)

  • Flights to and from the school for each year of the contract

  • Furnished apartment

  • Medical cover for the duration of the contract

  • Savings potential 

  • Professional development and training

  • End-of-service bonus

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia offer great packages and beautiful locations in which to live and teach. The international schools we work with offer either the US, UK or IB curriculum with the relevant professional development and career advancement.

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